Fractal Ontology

The Buddhists see the meditative path as the balanced intensification of three mental traits: punya, sila, and samadhi.

Punya is wisdom or understanding.
Sila is purification or simplifying your life.
Samadhi is concentration or one-pointedness.

As you meditate and start to calm your mind a bit, that’s the beginning of samadhi. This taste of clarity shows you how agitated your mind and body are, and how complicated your life is.

So you start to simplify your life, clean up your game—the beginning of sila. The more you simplify your life, the better your meditations become. More samadhi.

Stronger samadhi tunes you into more profound wisdom—more punya. More sila, more samadhi; more samadhi, more punya; more punya, more sila. Each feeds and balances the others.

—   Ram Dass  
  • 19 May 2011
  • 86